Top Lottery Questions
Have questions about Pennsylvania Lottery Live? Listed below are our frequently asked questions.
 I have 'Q6' on my Powerball Ticket, what does that mean?
The 'Q6' that comes after the Powerball number on your ticket means that all 6 of your numbers were selected using the 'quick pick' option. Any ticket that was been made through a quick pick in whole will have (Q6) or in part will have (Q5, Q4, Q3, Q2 or Q1).
 What happens if I lose a winning ticket?
The Pennsylvania Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. You should sign the back of your ticket in ink and take appropriate measures to safeguard it. Lottery tickets are bearer documents. Unless signed, anyone in possession of the ticket can file a claim.
 The Powerball Jackpot was reset but there were now winners in Pennsylvania?
Whenever the Powerball jackpot is reset to its minimum guaranteed amount there has been a jackpot winner. There are 31 separate states or jurisdictions that currently sell the Powerball game and contribute to the total jackpot amount. The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is a non-profit organization that performs administrative, financial, and other services to run the game. Powerball is not a Pennsylvania-only game like The Daily Number, Big 4, Cash 5 or MATCH 6 lotto games. Each state is responsible for sending their individual game reports to MUSL on drawing nights.
 Does writing on a ticket make it invalid?
No, writing on a ticket does not invalidate it. However writing on a ticket is not encourage, unless it is to sign the back. Anything that is written on the front of the ticket could make it much harder to run through the validation and claims process. If you must write on the ticket, try to use a yellow highlighter type marker or write lightly with a pencil.
 Could I claim a Powerball ticket from any other state in Pennsylvania or claim my Pennsylvania Powerball ticket be claimed in any other state?
No, although the Powerball game has a jackpot pool shared by all states that participate, it is actually a state lottery game and run on the separate computer systems for each state. After the drawing, all plays are processed and winning tickets are posted to a state system validation file. When a ticket is validated (cashed) in a certain state, it is recorded on that state's central computer as a validated cashed ticket so that the ticket cannot be cashed a second time and the retailer's account can be credited.
 Can I claim a prize if i am out of state?
Yes, in order to claim a prize while your out of state you must first, sign the back of your ticket in ink, then make a copy to keep for your records. You may mail your ticket to our Headquarters location for processing and payment.

Mail the original ticket to:

Pennsylvania Lottery
1200 Fulling Mill Road, Suite 1
Middletown, PA 17057.

It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process your claim once it has been received at our Headquarters location. A winning check will be mailed to you once your claim is processed.
 Where does the money from unclaimed prizes go?
Unclaimed prize money is returned to the Pennsylvania Lottery Fund by law.
 How much tax is withheld from lottery winnings?
Any lottery winnings over $5,000.00 are subject to 25 percent federal withholding.
 What taxes does a winner have to pay on lottery prizes?
Lottery winnings of $600.01 and over are subject to Federal Withholding tax. For winnings of $600.01, up to and including $5,000, you will be issued a W-2G form to report your winnings on your federal income tax form.

For winnings of $5,000.01 and over, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue deducts the appropriate percent for federal withholding, as required by law, before you receive your winnings check (or, if it is an annuity, from each winnings check). You will then receive your check along with a W2-G form to submit with your 1040 form at the end of the tax year. No state or local tax is charged on Pennsylvania Lottery winnings to Pennsylvania residents.
 If I win the jackpot can I remain anonymous?
In purchasing a Lottery ticket, you agree to comply with and abide by the state Lottery Law and related policies. The Pennsylvania Lottery's long-standing public disclosure policy preserves the integrity of the Lottery and its games and ensures players that prizes are fairly awarded. Under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know law, all payments made by the commonwealth are public information. Therefore, when a person wins the Lottery and payment is made, the winner's information is public. All but three states (Delaware, Kansas and North Dakota) have laws/policies that require the lotteries to release the names and cities of residence of winners. The Pennsylvania Lottery publishes all or most of the following information on its Web site for public inspection: Name of the winner(s); city or town; county and state in which the winner(s) reside; name of game won; date prize was won; and amount of prize won. If the prize is claimed in the name of a legal entity, the name and other relevant information of the entity and its partners, shareholder and beneficiaries will be released.


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